3D Holographic Table for Better Engagement

A 3D hologram table represents a cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes engagement in various fields. By seamlessly integrating holographic displays into a tangible table-like surface, it creates an immersive and interactive experience. This innovation with Vision 3D holds immense potential in sectors such as education, business presentations, and entertainment.

  • Game-changing visualization and interaction.
  • Stunning 3D models showcased in a hologram table.
  • Pretty 3D Visuals with clear precision.
  • Usage of Integrated 5G and IoT data capabilities.
3D Holographic Table
3d holographic table project

Interactive Education Visuals With 3D Tables

In education, a 3D hologram table can bring subjects to life, enabling students to explore complex concepts in a tangible and captivating manner. Business presentations become more dynamic as data visualizations and product prototypes can be showcased in three dimensions, enhancing communication and comprehension. In the realm of entertainment, the hologram table offers a unique platform for interactive storytelling and gaming experiences. The technology relies on a combination of projectors and sensors, creating realistic holographic illusions that users can manipulate through touch or gestures. This tangible interaction fosters a deeper connection and understanding of the content displayed.

Get an Awesome 3D Experience With 3D Holographic Tables

Embark on a mesmerizing journey into the future with 3D tables, delivering an unparalleled and awe-inspiring experience. These cutting-edge tables seamlessly blend reality and illusion, transporting users into a world of immersive visuals that defy conventional limitations.

Solve complex problems through captivating 3D Holographic visuals. Elevate business presentations to new heights by projecting 3D models onto the table’s surface.

Dynamic and engaging communication. 3D Hologram Table for interactive storytelling and gaming. Feel the magic of lifelike holographic projections responding to your touch.


Key Features of Holographic Table

3D Holographic Display

The primary feature would be the ability to project realistic, three-dimensional holographic images above the surface of the table.

Gesture Recognition

Advanced gesture recognition technology allows users to interact with the holographic content using hand gestures or other input methods.

Touch Sensitivity

Touch-sensitive surface to enable users to interact with the holographic display by touching or manipulating virtual objects.

Multi-User Interaction

Support for multiple users interacting with the holographic content simultaneously, fostering collaboration and group work.

Spatial Audio

Integration of spatial audio technology to provide a realistic audio experience that matches the position of holographic objects.

Calibrated Methods to Use 3D Holographic Table

Power On and Calibration
Interface Interaction
Content Selection
Manipulation of Objects
Collaboration and Communication