Entertainment with 3D Holographic Chambers

Entertainment with 3D Holographic Chambers

Access the pinnacle of technological attractions anytime. Enthusiastic about dinosaurs? Step into the holographic dinosaur room. Accommodating up to 5 individuals, embark on a dinosaur hologram adventure. Immerse yourself in lifelike 3D dinosaur experiences. If that doesn't pique your interest, explore our 3D holographic gaming space. Engage in 3D black holographic gaming sessions with friends. Choose from a variety of games, including combating foes, archery, or holographic bowling.

  • Holography chamber for a group of 5 individuals.
  • Immersive arcade gaming encounters.
  • An array of games for your selection.

Cutting-Edge Gaming with Holographic Arcade Table

Beyond our holographic rooms, our hologram advertising is designed for amusement. Engage in 1v1 matches with friends or join forces to conquer a shared adversary. Elevate the experience with a 3D screen suspended between you. The Hologram Arcade table extends holograms up to 80cm beyond the screen. Integrate our hologram arcade table into your current entertainment setup and elevate your family game nights.

  • Engage in one-on-one bouts with companions.
  • Suspended 3D modelling services for an enhanced gaming experience.
  • Compatible with other entertainment systems.
Holographic Arcade Table

How Do Our Holographic Displays Entertain Customers?

Virtual Performances

Holographic technology allows for the creation of virtual performers. For example, 3D character creator concerts can bring deceased artists back to the stage, offering fans a chance to experience live performances from their favourite musicians.

Augmented Reality (AR) Gaming

Our Holographic projection film elements can be integrated into augmented reality gaming, providing a more interactive and dynamic gaming experience. Players can see holographic characters and objects integrated into their real-world environment, creating a more immersive gaming atmosphere.

Interactive Displays

Holographic displays can be used to create interactive exhibits in museums, theme parks, and entertainment venues. Users can interact with holographic images and information, enhancing their learning or entertainment experience.

3D Holographic Movies and Shows

Holographic technology can be used to create 3D modelling services for movies and shows, providing viewers with a more immersive and realistic visual experience. This can be particularly effective for genres like science fiction and fantasy.