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3D Holographic Rooms for Entertainment

The world’s most high-tech attraction available to you at all times. Love dinosaurs? Try out the dinosaur holographic room. Up to 5 people can visit the dinosaur hologram adventure. Experience dinosaurs completely with 3D holograms. It that isn’t something you like, then try our 3D holographic arcade room. Play 3D holographic games with your friends. Choose from a series of games, ranging from fencing the enemies, or archery, or holographic bowling.

  • Holographic room for 5 people
  • Arcade gaming experiences
  • A range of games to choose from

Holographic Arcade Table for Next Gen Gaming

Not just the hologram rooms, but even our holgram arcade table are built for entertainment. Play with friend in 1v1 or play alongside each other to defeat a common enemy. Take the experience to a whole new level as a 3D screen floats in between you. Hologram Arcade table projects holograms up to 80cm off the screen. Include our hologram arcade table with your existing entertainment center, and take your family game nights to the next level.

  • 1v1 matches with friends
  • Floating holographic screen for better gaming experience
  • Can be integrated with other entertainment system
Entertainment vision 3d
Entertainment vision 3d

Huge Range of Content

Compared to other arcade machines, our holographic arcade gaming devices can support multiple games at the same time. Choose from a huge range of games from Vision 3D’s content library, and improve your family entertainment night.

  • Multiple games to choose from
  • Holographic gaming displays
  • Build a unique gaming center


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