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Future of Education by Vision 3D

Holographic technology is gaining a lot of traction, it’s the technology of the future. Our holographic devices are a great to educate and teach. Don’t just tell, Show! Our 3D holographic devices allow students to explore the solar systems, watch how dinosaurs lived, and so much more. While sitting in the classroom, students can interact with ancient relics, and artifacts. Unparalleled 3D holographic experiences for pushing the education industry to new heights.

  • Visual learning via 3D holograms
  • Unparalleled experiences with 3D devices
  • Explore historical landmarks, artifacts, or locations

Elevate Classroom Experiences

Our 3D devices can be used to deliver 3D holographic content to individual students or entire classrooms. The holographic learning medium has been proven to increase engagement in students. 2D videos and powerpoint slides are non-creative, and boring. Re-shape young minds with interactive 3D holographic experiences. With our range of devices, you can create a complete 3D learning experience in your classrooms.

  • No more boring learning
  • Teach individual students or whole classrooms
  • Create immersive 3D experiences at command
Education vision 3d
Education vision 3d

Custom or Pre-Recorded Educational Content

Copy and create real-world objects into interactive 3D holograms using Photogrammetry software. By using this technique, you can create 3D holograms of the things brought into the classroom. With 3D holograms, students can learn new concepts, and workflows with ease. Users can build new content by using photogrammetised assets, CAD models or other polygon data with user-friendly tools. All this leads to engaging content that you can share with the classroom.

  • Create new 3D hologram content
  • Based off the principles of photogrammetry
  • Engaging content for classrooms


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