Portable 3D Holographic Wall

Experience the future of interactive presentations with Vision 3D's Portable 3D Holo Wall. This innovative solution revolutionizes the way you engage with your audience, offering unparalleled versatility and convenience. Whether you're showcasing products, delivering presentations, or captivating crowds, the portable Holographic glasses deliver an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression. The easy-to-carry portable holo wall unit has been built to provide immersive, high-quality 3D experiences wherever you go.

With Vision 3D's portable holo wall, you can create unforgettable experiences that engage and delight audiences of all sizes. Whether you're a seasoned presenter or a first-time exhibitor, this cutting-edge solution empowers you to captivate, inform, and inspire with ease. Take your interactive experiences to the next level with Vision 3D's Portable 3D Hologram Show – the ultimate solution for on-the-go engagement and immersion.

Portable 3D Holographic Wall
Features of Vision 3D Holo Wall

Features of Vision 3D Holo Wall

  • Suitable for 1-15 people with just one device.
  • Easily view objects, spaces, and people in life-size 3D creations.
  • IoT integration for real-time feeds.
  • Convert any flat service into a 3D holographic experience.
  • Pre-built experiences or custom 3D experiences as per your needs.
  • Wall-mounted, and floor-mounted portable 3D wall options.

Types of Hologram Walls

In this form, the device is permanently fixed to the wall, and requires a ceiling height of 2.7m. A wall-mounted Hologram Wall is best used in public places and fixed locations, as it is inaccessible to the reaching hands of the public general users.

Immerse yourself in education like never before as holographic displays bring lessons to life, making complex concepts tangible and captivating. Elevate business presentations to new heights by projecting 3D models and data visualizations directly onto the table's surface, fostering dynamic and engaging communication.

Our portable device can be packed into two-wheeled suitcases. This allows you to bring your presentations to clients further abroad, and is perfect for trade shows and conferences, or office and classrooms where space is an issue.

Types of Hologram Walls

Features of the Vision 3D Holo Wall

Versatile Capacity

Accommodates groups ranging from 1 to 15 people using just one device, making it suitable for various settings such as small meetings, presentations, or interactive experiences.

Life-Size 3D Viewing

Offers an immersive experience by allowing easy viewing of objects, spaces, and people in life-size 3D creations, enhancing engagement and interaction.

IoT Integration

Seamlessly integrates with IoT devices to provide real-time feeds, enabling dynamic content updates and interactive experiences driven by live data.

Holographic Conversion

Capable of converting any flat surface into a 3D custom hologram experience, transforming ordinary spaces into immersive environments for enhanced presentations or entertainment.

Customizable Experiences

Provides the flexibility to choose from pre-built experiences or create custom 3D experiences tailored to specific needs, ensuring versatility and adaptability for various applications.

3D Holo Wall Use Cases

Events and Exhibitions
Employee Training
Corporate Events