Revolutionary 3D Holo Rooms

Our outstanding 3D Holo room is the pinnacle of our technology. Seamless 3D experiences anytime, anywhere. Businesses, entertainment, study, and so much more with 3D holo rooms. A 3.5M by 5M room that converts into a 3D Hologram (4 surfaces). It’s an innovative concept that provides immersive and engaging content. 3D Holo rooms are perfect for boosting entertainment, and business presentations. Creating customizable experiences for various business needs.

Revolutionary 3D Holo Rooms
3d project table

How are 3D Holo Rooms Changing the Virtual Experience?

Experience seamless immersion with our revolutionary 3D Hologram Rooms technology. Transforming a 3.5m by 5m space into a mesmerizing 3D holographic environment across four surfaces, it's the pinnacle of innovation. Whether for entertainment, business presentations, or educational purposes, the possibilities are endless. Tailored experiences cater to diverse business requirements, offering customizable solutions for optimal engagement. Elevate your events, captivate audiences, and unlock new dimensions of creativity with our state-of-the-art 3D Holo Rooms, redefining how we interact with content anytime, anywhere.

Features of 3D Holo Rooms

Endless immersive experiences and many more in the 3D Holo room Walk around in holographic environments and boost experiences

Project on 4 surfaces to create a Holo experience room IoT enabled devices for smoother integrations

Customizable 3D content and experiences for multiple business needs Prebuilt experiences, and custom 3D experiences for businesses and individual needs

Features of 3D Holo Rooms

Who can use the Hologram Room?

Whether you’re looking for a new, futuristic form of entertainment or want to elevate your next business presentation, our Hologram Room is available for use.

When playing games, we only allow a maximum of five players per full-sized session (up to 30 minutes). The session contains up to 10 mini-experiences that players may take turns having. There can only be one player per experience to ensure the highest quality holographic images.

One bonus feature of the Hologram Room is the camera mode, which activates between mini-sessions. Normally, you can’t take photos of the holograms, so this is a world-first for players wishing to memorialise the experience

For business purposes, the Hologram Room can be used to show large-scale plans or life-size CAD models – think interactive holograms of buildings, cars and aircraft designs.

Our Hologram Rooms come with their own software that allows you to create and upload your own content. Alternatively, we also supply a cost-effective service to create the content you would like to display.

Use Case of 3D Holo Rooms

Interface Interaction
Real Estate walkthroughs
Manipulation of Objects
Product Showing