Real Estate Planning Like Never Before

Entertain yourself and others with 3D interactive holograms

Real Estate vision 3d

Better Presentations

Unlike engineers and architects, the management doesn’t understand the design point of view. With the help of 3D holograms, you can easily showcase plans that are easy to understand. Show off plans from every possible angle to collaborators and decision-makers. Inspect 3D CAD data or other 3D models from every angle. Work with teams for better decision-making or walk through full-sized CAD or polygon-based models. You can even explore 3D holographic designs without the need for bulky VR headsets.

  • Present ideas in a better way
  • No need for bulky Headsets
  • Explore plans in multiple ways

Real-Estate Design Planning

CAD 3D models and other 3D models can be combined with laser scanners and photogrammetry data. Any-size models can be created for your design needs. This is essential for planning buildings and other constructions, and getting an idea of surrounding areas. Leverage our powerful presentation-building tools to boost planning, understanding, and interacting with 3D model layers in real-time.

  • Integrate technologies with CAD 3D models
  • Powerful presentation tools
  • Interact with 3D model layers in real-time
Real Estate vision 3d
Real Estate vision 3d

The Future of City Planning

Our cutting-edge life-sized 3D hologram technology has revolutionized the power of Lidar scans. By not only identifying data points, but also visually showcasing them, our hologram technology has significant potential for the advancement of smart cities. From emergency services and road infrastructure planning to flood modeling and pollution control, our 3D hologram technology can provide enormous benefits in a wide range of applications.

  • Large scale designs
  • Add live feeds to holograms
  • Crystal clear holograms


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