A New Way to Showcase Rare Artifacts

Scan and showcase rare artifacts using 3D holograms.

Museums vision 3d

Amaze Audiences

Our stage holograms can be used to present artifacts, and demonstrate products that are too rare and fragile. Instead of showing off rare items and artifacts physically, amaze audiences with 3D holograms that seem to float in the air. Use our holographic rooms, tables, walls, and other devices to create 3D holographic museum tours. Provide 3D experiences to multiple people at the same time, without the need for any 3D glasses or VR headsets. Build incredible 3D museum artifacts with Vision 3D holographic devices.

  • Build 3D holograms for rare artifacts
  • Amaze audiences
  • No need for bulky VR

Build Interactive 3D Museum Exhibitions

Engage school and college students with unique museum exhibitions. 3D holographic videos are the way of the future. Build exhibition displays for events with Vision 3D holographic devices. Showcase rare artifacts with floating 3D holographic displays that your users can interact with. With holographic rooms and tables, you can build museum walkthrough solutions to educate and entertain simultaneously.

  • Holographic walk-through
  • Museum exhibitions with floating holograms
  • Educate and immerse audiences
Museums vision 3d
Museums vision 3d

Unique Experiences for the Next Event

Use 3D holographic devices for expos, events, and brand activations. Rent a complete holographic display solution to enhance your exhibitions and elevate products. Choose from our huge range of devices to build 3D holographic museum displays. Leverage stage holograms, hologram walls, hologram tables, and more to make your audiences engage in a unique way.

  • 3D hologram stages
  • 3D table
  • 3D holographic rooms


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