Benefits of 3D Holographic Tables for Virtual Tourism? 

In recent years, Tourism has witnessed some technological advancements that point towards the rise of digital platforms. The integration of technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality plays a significant part in improving the quality of the tourism experience in general. The tourism industry can reap the benefits of 3D holographic tables among others which have since been touted as one of the most promising solutions for virtual tourism.

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Check the article to know the advantages of 3D holographic tables for virtual tourism and how they can completely alter the way we experience tourist destinations.

What are 3D Holographic Tables?

A 3D holographic table is a big flat surface with an inbuilt projection system projecting 3D geospatial data objects on the surface. These Artificial Intelligence Holograms can display laser scans or photogrammetry data, showing a holographic and detailed view of a place visited by tourists.

Benefits of 3D Holographic Tables for Virtual Tourism

Immersive Experience

The 3D holographic table offers a captivating experience as opposed to traditional 3D scenes. The technology of 3D hologram pictures will enable users to feel more connected to the tourist spots. 

Interactive Learning

3D hologram pictures can be used as a tool for interactive learning, allowing users to explore the tourist destination more engagingly and interactively. For example, users can zoom, rotate, and interact with 3D models of the destination. It provides a deeper understanding of the site’s history, culture and geography.

Real-time Data Visualization

3D holographic tables showcase real-time information like satellite pictures, meteorological data, and tourist traffic. It makes easier for any visitor to get the latest information about the place they are going. It enables them to make informed decisions on where best they should visit during their trip.

Collaborative Experience

Collaborative usage of 3D holographic tables enables multiple users to interact with 3D objects at the same time. The hologram tables promote interconnectedness among the tourists to enhance the experience.  


Users can access 3D hologram tables from any location in the world. It allows them to explore various tourist centers virtually from the comfort of their living rooms. The hologram table technology increases inclusiveness and broadens the scope of tourism. It helps in reaching out to people with movement challenges as well as others who cannot afford to move from one place to another.

Features of 3D Hologram Tables

  • Interactive Display – It allow user to engage with holographic image  with the help of holographic table. 
  • Multi-dimensional view: It provides a 3D look at the images from different perspectives thereby making them seem more realistic while
  • Gesture control: It refers to the ability to manipulate holograms by showing hand movement.
  • Versatile Applications -It is suitable for user who indulge  Ideal in gaming, education, presentations, and advertising.
  • Customizable Content – With artificial intelligence hologram technology user can tailor the Content according to the  specific needs.

Applications of 3D Holographic Tables in Tourism

Heritage Tourism

Users can gain access to an immersive interactive experience by using 3d holographic table, where historical and cultural sites are displayed. By using hologram prototye, people will easily understand how to use virtual necessary for analyzing viewpoint structures, ancient cities and monuments, or artifacts culturally significant in our world today

Urban Planning and Smart Cities

The Use of 3D holographic tables is applicable in visualizing the developments made in various cities. The interactive feature will allow exploring as well as interacting with the three-dimensional model . Users can also comprehend how much contemporary urban renovation activities affect local cities and the natural environment

Nature and Wildlife Tourism

3D holographic pictures enable users to interact with wildlife and natural habitat in raw form.. For instance, individuals can navigate through 3D models such as endangered species; coral reefs, etc.. It helps people realize why these habitats should not be altered.

Wrap UP !

3d holographic tables creates immersive experience for virtual tourism. It allow users to engage in and interact with tourist destinations. Artificial Intelligence Hologram technology has the potential to change how we experience tourism. To know more about holographic tables, you can connect with Vision 3D customer –  +91-8971953451

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