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Virtual 3D virtual walkthroughs allow users to go anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice. Visit the Pyramids of Giza, or the Leaning Tower of Pisa, with Vision 3D’s holographic walkthrough centers. Easily visit and explore historical landmarks or cultural sites for education and entertainment.

3D Virtual Walkthroughs

Need for 3D Holographic Walkthroughs

Your 3D presentation begins with 3D scanning. We take hundreds and thousands of your products and create 3D holograms out of them. 3D scanning offers a better understanding and fitting of the products.

Our 3D virtual walkthrough technology projects, height, and depth instead of flat imagery. Thus, providing you the opportunity of feeling like you’re in a real location. Moreover, the 3D holographic walkthrough is recorded at 8K for each eye, ensuring the highest possible quality, with impeccable details.

Use Cases of 3D Holographic Walkthroughs

Say goodbye to the “unreal” virtual reality. Bring real-life depth into holograms.

3D Virtual Walkthroughs

Virtual Tourism

With our solution, viewers can walk freely and explore historical landmarks. Interact with holograms in real-time.

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3D Virtual Walkthroughs

Virtual Training & Tours

Perfect solution for giving tours and training to students. Experience small details of factories with 3D holograms.

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How 3D Virtual Walkthrough Work?

Using 360º scanning devices, our engineers walk around the landmark to create Holographic tours of real-world tours. Later on, the holographic tours can be played on our holographic walls. Our holographic Tours are interactive and the user can control the way they interact with the hologram. The holographic tours aren’t static, and users can explore the tour as they want.

Some unique features of the 3D holographic walkthrough solution include:

  • Freedom of movement
  • True depth
  • Ultra high resolution
  • Living environments
  • Real-world scale
  • Advantages over laser scanning
3D Virtual Walkthroughs


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