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About Vision 3D

About Vision 3D

Vision 3D, partner of OpEzee, is one of the industry leading 3D experience provider. Take your multiuser 3D expereinces to the next level. Rely on the most reliable technology including 3D holo table, 3D holo screen, 3D holo wall, 3D holo room, and 3D arcade game.

Vision 3D allows for high-definition, most reliable interactive, immersive, and ultra-realistic experiences like never before. Take your customer interactions to a whole new level.

Why Use Vision 3D?

It’s our aim to offer to more than just a piece of hardware. We offer completely integrated system of control, support and 3D content creation. Our solutions are catered towards delivering digital excellence. We want our customers to experience 3D holograms like they’ve never experienced before.

We take pride in our zeal for innovation, and creativity. We keep bringing innovative, and impactful products to the global marketplace that supersede the boundaries of visual 3D holographic technology.

Use Vision 3D


3D Experiences That Take Your Businesses Beyond Ordinary

3D Scanning Solutions

Scan people, object, and products with state-of-the-art 3D Scanning solutions. 


Collaborative Holograms

Multi-user interactive engagement with 3D virtual walkthroughs.           



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